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A lil' about me...

My name's Kikine and I'm a French Canadian living in beautiful West Sussex, England.  I moved to Florida when I was 10 so feel partly American too...a bit of a culture mutt! I met my best friend and husband while living in Whistler, BC 14 years ago. Snowboarding brought us together and we still go whenever we get the chance. We're definitely snow birds at heart!

I was first introduced to this yarn life by my grandma who very patiently taught me how to knit a pair of socks. She used to make them for my dad who would wear nothing else on his feet during the harsh Quebec winters. I eventually got the pattern down and made them for everyone and anyone...for every occasion! I loved making them so much!
That was really the beginning of my love affair with yarn...I am well and truly addicted to the stuff!

I learned to crochet while doing a snowboarding season in Chile. A local girl saw me knitting socks and asked if I knew how to crochet which is massively popular there. She taught me a basic stitch and I fell in love with it instantly. I taught myself how to make a hat and I think I spent more time making beanies that season than I did snowboarding! I pretty much haven't stopped making since we've been back.

I was working at a ski & snowboard shop at the time and my boss was kind enough to let me sell my beanies there. They sold really well so with the pennies I made I was able to buy more yarn and also create a tag to sew onto each hat that I made.  I could see that lots of people liked the idea of designing their own beanies so I decided to start this website. The response has been so great. I even got a 2 page spread in Huck magazine a few years ago...the highlight of my crocheting career so far! 

I'm loving what I do more than ever, learning new techniques all the time. I'm so thankful to every customer for their purchase and fun beanie ideas, it keeps it really exciting. I make every single beanie myself with lots of love, care and attention so quality is guaranteed! 
I absolutely love creating people's ideas, so please email me with yours.  
Thanks for visiting my website and taking the time to read a little bit about me, hope to hear from you soon!
Kikine St-Jean
K Beanies